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China-US Business Summit 2010

International Innovative Institute is dedicated to the progress and prosperity of the changing world. Fellow consultants at International Innovative Institute employ forefront education and experience to meet the unique challenges of the 21st century. International Innovative Institute shapes solutions with global talents in technology, medicine, business and humanities. International Innovative Institute is dedicated to service, charitable and cultural activities.

International Innovative Institute has consulted in:

  • Service, Charitable and Cultural Activities
  • Global Commerce (Energy Efficiency, Procurement Supply, Telecommunications, Outsourcing, Training & Consulting Services)
  • Bio-Solutions (Protein Structure, Bioenergy, Drug Design)
  • Infomation Management (Global Parity & Defense, Energy Management, Financial Order and Security, Cloud Computing)
  • Cultural Industry (Intellectual Property Distribution & Collaboration, Conferences, Cultures, Entertainment, Good Living, Maleness and Femaleness, Happiness, Ultimate Concerns)
  • Research & Development (Green Energy, Optical Computing, Cosmology, ET, Consciousness Sciences, Limitology, Western & Eastern Medicine, Intelligent Economics, Boundary Conditioning, Global Economy/Environment/Sustainability, International Criminology, Multi-Cultural Philosophies, Modernization)
Presentation on New Sciences and Humanities
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